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Terri is a channeler for the Divine Realm

Who is the Divine Realm?

The Divine Realm has shared they are Consciousness prior to All of Creation.  They are the realm that observes the creator’s process and the resulting experiences.


What does Consciousness mean?

From the Wholeness of Life, Consciousness awakens and an impulse arises to create.  The Divine Realm is the Consciousness observing what is created while the Creator experiments with various ways of expressing Itself.  Everything that is occurring in life is “simply an experiment of expression” with degrees of separation from the Wholeness.   


How can life be “simply an experiment of expression” of Wholeness when there are terrible experiences occurring all around the world?

Visualize life as a clock with number 12 at the top and number 6 at the bottom.  Think of 12 as consciously creating in full alignment with Wholeness.  Think of 6 as unconsciously forgetting about Wholeness and creating only for the separate self.  The numbers in between are degrees of separation from the Wholeness.  As the numbers descend from 1 to 6, so does the human experience as it moves from conscious to unconscious expression.  When the human experience hits 6 and the pain of separation become unbearable, there is a seeking for something better.  One tries to make sense of the depressing, chaotic and violent life of unconscious separation.  A desire to remember the Wholeness of Life arises.  The re-awakening of conscious creation begins from numbers 7 back to 12 on the “Life Clock”.  The process of moving from conscious to unconscious and back to conscious creation is “simply an experiment of expression”.  It is the collective unconsciousness of human behavior that repeats patterns of separation that keeps humans trapped in a less desirable life experience.  By consciously choosing to create in alignment with Wholeness of Life, life experiences become more peaceful and joyful.  Earth Life is a realm of free will within the Wholeness of Life.  What do you choose to create? 


Why does it matter what we choose to create?

As humans choose to see their experiences as “simply an experiment of expression”, they can release the judgment and expectations about their experiences.  They can choose to observe what they are creating consciously and unconsciously.  From a place of observation, they can witness what life experiences are preferred.  They can recognize every experience is contributing to the evolution of their soul.   They understand all souls’ experiences are collectively contributing to the evolution of the human race and its collective experiences. 

What do you choose to create?


Where do I start?

Understand the “Life Clock” and observe how the degrees of separation are displaying in your experiences.  Take conscious notes of what you are experiencing.  Ask yourself if you want to continue with your degree of separation from Wholeness.  If you do, there is no judgment in it.  Your soul is setting up situations for you to experience a variety of scenarios so it has a reference point of determining what it prefers.  Trust all your experiences are occurring for your soul’s evolution, even when the experiences are a 6 on the “life clock”.  Eventually your soul will desire to align more with Wholeness rather than as a separate self.  There is no judgment about any of your experiences.  Whether you are creating consciously or unconsciously, it is all part of the process.  At any time, you can consciously choose to align with Wholeness of Life and bypass the repeating patterns of separation and looping unconscious reactions. 

What do you choose to create?


When can I do this?

You can start in any moment to align with the Wholeness of Life.  You don’t have to wait till you physically die.  Your soul evolves even when you make small choices to align.  It only requires intention, attention and action to be in conscious relationship with the Wholeness of Life.  The more often you consciously align with Wholeness of Life, the easier it gets and the more freedom is experienced.  You start to see the Wholeness of Life in everyone even in their “Life Clock” moments of separation.  The separative degrees of judgment, expectations, and comparisons cease and conscious relationships based on observations, preferences, and celebrations commence. 

What do you choose to create?

As humans, remember you are part of the Wholeness of Life

Your degree of consciousness creates your experiences.  You can choose what life experiences you prefer to create by consciously being more aligned with Wholeness of Life.  You can choose to awaken to the Wholeness you came from and the Wholeness you are.  You can choose to consciously create your life or you can choose to unconsciously create your life.  There is no judgment.  It is “simply an experiment of expression”.  It’s your choice, the life you want to create and experience, whether you do it consciously or unconsciously. 

What do you choose to create?

Schedule your session for direct messages and guidance from the Divine Realm.  Awaken your soul to consciously co-create with Wholeness of Life and without judgment of separation. 

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