Terri playing a purple alchemy crystal bowl.


Are you ready to release your limiting patterns and old stories, know who you truly are, and create your dream life?  That’s been my journey and I’m ready to assist you. Compassion, gratitude, peace, and joy are the foundation for experiencing Love in my life.  Conscious Intention, Attention and Action are the steps supporting the stairway to infinite possibilities and dreams beyond my imagination. 

It took lots of practice and patience for me to stop my mind from running excessively and jumping all around.  My inner critic was out of control and made up all kinds of stories about not being "good enough".  It lead to over achieving, excessive striving, and over accommodating to try and prove I was worthy.  By the time I reached 30 years old, I was exhausted emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually.  I had lost myself in the process of pleasing everyone else. Thankfully, I knew in my soul, there had to be a better way of living.  I sought spiritual guidance to assist in my self-discovery.  Life became an adventurous journey as my awareness expanded about the purpose of life.  I still have my moments of mind chatter and proving worthiness, however I catch it more quickly and have the tools to return to Love more rapidly. 


I love playing with the Crystal Tones Alchemy Crystal singing bowls, chanting Sanskrit mantras, meditating  on nature walks, and communicating with the Divine Realm. They are part of my personal practice for creating more joy in my heart and peace in my life.  I dare remembering everyday as miraculous.  I dream of creating a safe, healthy, happy and prosperous world for all...one person at a time. 

As a Coach, I meet you wherever you are on your life path to create your dream life.  I provide a variety of services to assist you with your personal and professional challenges: confusion to clarity, controlling to confident, doubt to daring, depressed to delight, fear to freedom, grief to gratitude, hopeless to heart-filled, hurting to healthy, invisible to infinite, lonely to loved, pain to pleasure, sadness to soulful, scared to safe, serious to silly, worries to wonderment, worthless to worthy, and just about anything else. 

My approach is direct to keep you present in your awareness and the conscious choices required for creating your dream life.  I provide a compassionate, safe space for you to explore the Wholeness of who you are in your life experiences.  I assist with going beyond the brain and into the core of your heart to activate a better life balance.  I help hold the vision of the life you prefer to create and even the one beyond your imagination. What infinite dreams are you ready to be realized?

With the Life Transformed tools, Wholeness processes, and the Divine Realm messages, you’ll be skyrocketing to living your dreams personally and professionally.  Join me, let’s play, and enjoy manifesting all your dreams.